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pole artist & instructor tati blue

lean in. feels the creative energy rising. embrace it & fly. DEAR SOUL

• Edgework Intensive Training

Online Classes

In-person Workshops

• Private Classes (Online & Offline)

• Performance Coaching

• Competition Judge

• Showcase


dance with me

 beginner heels 

Master your Heels Foundations in 30 days 

With a structured, proven approach developed by two of the world’s best heels instructors! You can achieve strength, grace, and fluidity in your heels in less than 30 days with this system – that’s our promise to you. This online course uses our proven Heels Foundations Mastery system, developed and refined through 15 years of heels experience. Join the HEELS GODDESS online course hosted by Indi Pole. Code: TATIHEELS for €20 off!



Edgework Online Mentorship 

EDGEWORK ARTISTRY Level 1 - Starts March 2024 

Learn the edgework technique and complex heelwork to become a weightless goddess around the pole and over the floor. I will teach you how to transform the way you dance, look, and feel in your heels while dancing on the edges. Hosted by Indi Pole.


 private coaching 

Private Coaching: Online or In-person

If you're looking to improve specific skills and want individual attention, then the 1:1 support option would be perfect for you. In the private lesson, you can focus on your needs and goals, and the class pace will be tailored to your learning style. The private class can be conducted online or in person and lasts 60 minutes.

Performance Coaching: Online or In-person

I am here to help you every step of the way as you prepare for your competition or show. With expert guidance and support, you can feel confident and ready to take on the challenge.



my name is Tati Blue


I have a deep passion for dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics. With over 25 years of training and experience in multiple genres, I have become a master at my craft. I specialize in heel pole dancing and aim to develop an artistic style centered around edgework and heels acrobatics. I have won various competitions and performed in high-profile shows such as the Snoop Dogg Tour and Liberdat Show, but my true passion lies in helping others discover their unique body language and expression through dance. 

With my vast experience in helping numerous students worldwide, I cordially invite you to embark on this journey with me. Together, let's explore new pathways and work towards improving your heelwork technique. I am confident that we can connect your expression and take your skills to the next level. Join me and let's start achieving your goals today.


Professional pole dance instructor, judge & performer 

Certified Health Coach

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Science 

Trainer licence Gymnastics

Trainer licence Choreography 

Don't stop the process. 

Change is taking place within you.

Continue to be consistent, and remember that all you have to do is

take it one step at a time. 


Edgework enthusiast

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