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Edgework artistry

what is edgework? 

Edgework in pole dance is a creative way to explore the heel platforms and use all of the sides and edges of the shoes as an expressive element, and can be incredibly helpful in improving heel technique. The technique allows dancers to incorporate unique movements that amplify their routines and incorporate the full potential of their heels.

By actively using the shoe and bringing it as an extra element into focus, Edgework allows for a more comprehensive range of ankle positioning, and this complex technique requires the dancers to focus on the different shapes and ways they can use their heels.

And sometimes, it feels like unrealistic ankle & body positions. By studying Edgework, dancers gain stability, balance, and control in their heel work. Through Edgework, dancers can dive deep into tracing, sliding, skating or gliding over the floor using different methods, pushing their boundaries and exploring new ways of movement. This dance style encourages creativity and unique expression while improving heel technique and ankle flexibility. 

Edgework caught my attention because it provided me with something that was missing in my dance. As I delved into it, I discovered a deep passion for it. At that time, I didn't know that this was a style or technique that existed in the dance world.

Dance has always been an essential part of my life. However, my background is mainly in gymnastics. Contemporary dance has been an excellent tool for me to follow my natural body movement and stop thinking about everything else while being in the moment. Dancing has always been a way to express my emotions, and contemporary dance has provided an outlet for me. Using flexed feet or foot positions in contemporary dance has always felt like a style element, and I have always enjoyed incorporating it into my performances.


During my journey in heel pole dance (I started to dance in heels in mid-2018 and created my first performance piece that year. In 2020, I created the first classes with a topic of Edgework.), I incorporated soo flex-feed motions to add accents to my choreographies and pieces. It always felt like I was breaking the rules of "pointing toes", but I enjoyed breaking some rules here and there for expression and creativity. 

I discovered that incorporating Edgework and highlighting the shoes while dancing comes from the strip culture and clubs. I love how dancers use this technique to highlight the shoes and the roots and how it challenges me in my dance journey. I also love seeing my feet not just as apparatus but also seeing my heels and how they move in them as creations. It adds a unique touch to my performances. Also, Edgework comes together with Slink for me and in my style. I want to incorporate the heels into the rest of my body movements as a sensual exploration of flow.

Learn the art of Edgework & take your fluidity & style to the next level.


Do you love the look of edgework but don’t know where to start?

If so, don’t miss this world first Mentorship program specifically focused on Edgework hosted by Indi Pole Dance!

This super-popular 4-week online pole dance Mentorship you’ll transform the way you pole dance in heels! 

You will master the sickle, wing, and flex! Before you know it, edgework will be feeling natural & you’ll be integrating edgework into your dance.

Bookings open: MON, JAN 15, 2024 

Mentorship starts: SAT, MARCH 16, 2024

This 4 week online intensive Mentorship program has been exclusively developed for Indi Pole and is not offered anywhere else!

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